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My name is Mrs. Jones and I am honored to serve as your assistant principal. I have been working in Murray County for nearly twenty-five years, and I have loved every minute. Being an Eton Eagle is something for which I am grateful and still find joyful. Working with children has been a lifelong dream and a fun-filled journey. My goal is to provide all students and staff with a fun yet safe learning environment wherein high expectations are at the helm. Networking with our community and families is something on which I spend a lot of my time. We have an awesome Eton Eagle community! I love being an assistant principal, it is the best job in the world! 


In my personal time, I find spending time with my friends and family makes me happiest. Along with a few hobbies and annual beach trips, I keep my family hopping! My hobbies are scrapbooking, reading, going to the beach, and hanging out with my friends and family. My family is always wondering what I will come up with next! My husband is a game warden so our adventures usually find us outdoors! I have three PRECIOUS children, and the fluffiest gray cat you will ever meet. My cat’s name is Herman and he is like family. My sons are hardworking and can do anything! Hayden was a great football player and is learning to be an awesome welder! Holden is one of the most charming and comical humans on earth-check him out on North Murray’s Mountaineer TV! He is in his senior year at North Murray, and loving every second. Hazelyn is a proud Eton Eagle! She is on the student council, the youth group at Holly Creek, dance at PAU, and in our chorus at Eton. 


I hope each of you knows my door is always open, and anytime I could be of assistance please let me know!



Mrs. Jones

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