Parent Information 

Physical Education Teacher:  Laura Greeson
Paraprofessional:  Deanna Davis







Please inform your child’s teacher or me if your child has a medical condition by indicating on their emergency card or written note to me or your child’s classroom teacher.  

 Kindergarten will receive a final PE grade at the end of the year, based on mastery of physical skills. Grades 1-5 will receive a grade of “P” which represents passing, a “N” which represents needs improvement, or an “I” which represents and incomplete on their report card, and sixth grade students will receive a numerical grade. PE grades are based on the following criteria: behavior, appropriate clothing and shoes, effort, participation, skills and/or fitness testing.

Your child should wear appropriate clothes and tennis shoes on their PE days. This will ensure his\her safety and comfort, allowing them to participate in all activities. If your child does not have appropriate shoes and you can’t provide them, please contact Ms. Greeson and she will allow your child to participate without shoes while in the gym and not deduct points from his\her grade. If your child exceeds a satisfactory number of days with inappropriate clothing or shoes, he\she will not be allowed to participate on the days that he\she does not dress properly and will be given an alternate assignment during the class period.  

If your child has an illness or injury, you should send a note that should include the date, nature of the illness or injury with your signature and a phone number where you may be reached during the school day if Ms. Greeson needs to contact you. If the injury or illness will require your child to miss more than two days of PE, then a note from a doctor is required. If the doctor states that they may not participate until a certain date, even if you or your child feels as if they may return to regular PE, I can not allow them to do so without a note releasing them or a fax from them. The fax number is 706-517-1414. 

Your child may be going outside during PE class. Eton Elementary School policy states that I may hold class outside if the temperature is 40 degrees or above. Please dress your child accordingly to the weather and possibility of being outside for class.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at 706-605-3207 or via email at