Mrs. Flowers Funny Faces 

Welcome to Kindegarten!

I am so excited about getting to know you and your child this school year!  For the first month of school we will be working on the colors red, yellow, blue, green and orange.  We will learning to read the color word, recognize the color and write the color word.  On Thursday of each week we will be wearing that color!  We will also be learning the letters Mm, Ss, Rr, Tt, Pp and Cc.  Your child will need to recognize the letter, the sound it makes, write the letter and identfy pictures that begin with those letters.  We will work on shapes (circle, square, triangle,rectangle) and the numbers 0-5. We will be spending lots of time writing our names and learning to put letters on lines the correct way.

I encourage parents to practice these skills with your child every night.  We introduce a lot of skills in kindergarten and move at a very fast pace.  It is very difficult for students to keep up if they are not practicing at home.

Please remember that kindergarten students may purchase slushies on Mondays for $1.00

Your child may bring a water bottle to keep at his/her seat as long as the bottle or cup has some type of sippy lid.

We do have snack time daily.  The lunchroom provides us with a different fruit or vegetable each day, but your child may also bring an additional snack and juice that day if you want them too.

We have PE on Tuesday and Wednesday each week.  Please make sure that your child wears tennis shoes on those days.

If you would like to schedule a confernce, please let me know and I will be happy to meet with you either before or after school.