Summer Office Hours:  Mondays 8AM-12PM
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Teacher of the Year - Angie Green
Staff Member of the Year - Mary Parks

2014-2015 SUPPLY LISTS (K-6)

STUDENTS:  Here's a GREAT opportunity for summer reading and it's FREE!
*We encourage you to read something every day!  This is a great resource.
*You will find many different reading levels and categories on this website.

1. Go to the website
2. School Username- Type "Get" and the choice Get Georgia Reading will generate. Choose this option.
3. The password and username - "read"
Eton Elementary celebrates CCRPI score 91.8
Eton scored 91.8 on our CCRPI.  Our scores were in the top 10 percent of all elementary schools in Georgia!  We also...

2014 Kindegarten C2G Graduation Video / May 22, 2014   
Click here to watch the EES 2014 Kindergarten C2G Graduation Video   *Click "Download" to view the video